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Resurrection: Shadows Of Omega (resurrection Series Book 1) por Summer Lane Gratis

Descargar Resurrection: Shadows Of Omega (resurrection Series Book 1) por Summer Lane Epub y PDF

Detalles del Ebooks

Autor (s): Summer Lane

Título: Resurrection: Shadows Of Omega (resurrection Series Book 1)

Número de páginas: 193

Fecha de lanzamiento: 8 de febrero de 2018


Editor: Writing Belle Publishing

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

Summer Lane con Resurrection: Shadows Of Omega (resurrection Series Book 1)

THE WAIT IS OVER. CASSIDY HART IS BACK WITH AN ADRENALINE-FUELED THRILL RIDE. ACTION. BETRAYAL. ROMANCE. SECRETS. THE 20th BESTSELLING NOVEL FROM PROLIFIC AUTHOR SUMMER LANE!The war is over. At last, Omega has been defeated, and the militias have found peace and stability. General Cassidy Hart has been elected to lead the newly resurrected post-apocalyptic government as President of the Western Republic.The world is a different place. From the ashes, structure emerges. From death, hope blossoms.Yet the shadows of Omega remain. Omega loyalists and dangerous anarchists infect every level of the crestfallen civilization, threatening to undermine the Republic’s attempts to maintain peace. Most of the world’s population has been slain: those who remain alive have very different ideas about what must be done to continue to survive.A seasoned war veteran, sniper, and leader, Cassidy resents the stifling role of presidential leadership. General Chris Young, her former fiancé, leads the United Militia’s military as it rebuilds. Her comrades from war have scattered, and the one person who understands her, truly and completely, has disappeared.When a new threat emerges, one that could undo everything they have fought for, Cassidy is forced to make hard decisions and ask for help in places where she never imagined she could. The old is gone. The new has come.Welcome to the Hart Presidency. Welcome to the Western Republic.The Resurrection has begun. **************From prolific author Summer Lane, creator of the #1 bestselling smash-hit Collapse Series, Zero Trilogy, Bravo Saga, Unbreakable SEAL and Running with Wolves. Enjoy this new series, following the adventures of beloved heroine Cassidy Hart, along with some familiar faces that fans have come to know and love. *******​Here's what fans, readers, and more are saying about Lane's work: "SUMMER LANE IS GIVING THE WORD 'PROLIFIC' A RUN FOR ITS MONEY.""[SUMMER LANE] HAS SOLIDIFIED HER POSITION AS A PROMISING YOUNG ADULT AUTHOR.""I LOVED THIS BOOK!" "A MUST-READ OF THE GENRE!" "ALL THE STARS!" "BY FAR ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE SERIES!" "YOU WILL FEEL EVERYTHING WHILE READING THIS BOOK!" "IT TAKES A PHENOMENAL AUTHOR TO CRAFT CHARACTERS WHO FEEL SO COMPLETELY REAL AND YOU, AS A READER, FEEL EVERYTHING THEY FELL AND HOPE FOR THEIR LIVES TO TURN OUT EXACTLY AS THEY SHOULD." "THIS IS ONE FINE AUTHOR AND IF YOU READ ANY OF HER BOOKS, YOU WILL UNDOUBTEDLY COME AWAY WITH THE TREASURE THAT SHE HAS PUT ON PAPER. SHE IS SIMPLY GIFTED AND A TRULY AMAZING AUTHOR." "THIS SERIES RANKS AS ONE OF THE BEST I'VE READ.""THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST POST-APOCALYPTIC SERIES I HAVE READ AND WILL DEFINITELY BE RE-READ SEVERAL TIMES.""I HAVE READ SO MANY OF THIS KIND OF STORIES AND OF ALL THE BOOKS I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE." "LOVE THIS SERIES.""GREAT STORYLINE...CAN'T STOP READING." "THIS SERIES OF BOOKS HAS TO BE READ. NO ONE COULD WRITE A REVIEW THAT WOULD REMOTELY DO IT JUSTICE.""PLENTY OF TWISTS, TURNS, AND SURPRISES. THANK YOU, SUMMER LANE." "I LOVE SUMMER LANE!" "SUCH A GREAT AUTHOR! LOVE THIS SERIES!" "LOVE THE WHOLE COLLAPSE SERIES!" "BRAVO FOR A GREAT BOOK!" ​
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