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Intuition: Prophesies Awakening Of The Soul por Daisy Torres-petrovich Gratis

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Autor (s): Daisy Torres-petrovich

Título: Intuition: Prophesies Awakening Of The Soul

Número de páginas: 229

Fecha de lanzamiento: 21 de febrero de 2012


Editor: Trafford Publishing

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

Daisy Torres-petrovich con Intuition: Prophesies Awakening Of The Soul

Ever since humankind gained the concept of time, dreamers have sought away to travel within its limitless shores. They fantasized about the ability togo back in time to right an injustice or go forward in time to explore humanityspotential, but for most, it remained just thata fantasy. For these rare few, thosedreams become an obsession, for there are no boundaries within the varieddimensions that are part of this wonder. However, none of these attempts hasbeen successful because of the lack of spirituality necessary to conquer thisskill, to be able to will the spirit long enough to exist outside of the physical body until now.Esperanza Mia is content with her lifethat is, until she is introduced to anexperiment that changed the world she knew. On that day, she learns of herspecial gift, spectacular abilities she never imagined possessing. She is on theverge of learning the secret that had been zealously kept for many generations. Ablue-eyed stranger appeared to ensure her success in fulfilling her destiny, andwith him a torrent of emotions invaded her soul.What is the meaning of the spiritual walkers arrival? How will her choicesdetermine the fulfillment of prophecies written throughout human history?Few beings have discovered how to bend or squeeze time. Fewer have learned theconsequences of doing so. Will Esperanza be able to do both and survive?
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