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Rain On The Roof Of Love (the Garden Of Azure Poetry Book 22) por Munir Mezyed Gratis

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Detalles del Ebooks

Autor (s): Munir Mezyed

Título: Rain On The Roof Of Love (the Garden Of Azure Poetry Book 22)

Número de páginas: 299

Fecha de lanzamiento: 11 de junio de 2015


Editor: Munir Mezyed

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub

Munir Mezyed con Rain On The Roof Of Love (the Garden Of Azure Poetry Book 22)

Love & Sensual PoetryMunir Mezyed (By poetry I shall make you fishermen of hearts and souls) A well-known international writer (poet, novelist & translator) who writes in both English and Arabic and his poems have been published worldwide and translated to Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, Greek, German , Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Indonesian, Persian, Hindi …etc. He studied in England and U.S.A, traveled all around the world and settled himself in Romania in 2005 where he found his freedom after he had left Jordan where his work was banned there as well as in Middle East due to his liberal thinking and his struggle for democracy and human rights.In the Arab world, the free intellectual has to choose one of the three places to be, exile or tomb or jail. Therefore, he chooses to be free bird, singing on the branches of eternity. His poetry started to appear in the Middle East after the emerging of Arab Spring. Now he is considered to be a pioneer who brought new ideas, visions and images to the world of poetry. Some critics and poetry readers in the Arab world and Europe believe that he is the greatest poet in the history of Arabic poetry. Abdul-Settar Al-Assady, the Professor of English Literature in the University of Basra/ Iraq, said about Munir Mezyed’s poetry:“Munir Mezyed’s poetry is a great revolution in art, in language, in poetry, in the myth and metamorphoses beyond handling creative and genius metaphors. Indian Dr. Seema Devi said: “I may dare to say, as is Albert Einstein in physics and Michelangelo in art so is Munir Mezyed in the world of poetry. He combines the Oriental spiritual thoughts with the Western education in order to create a unique and original style of poetry, which was not there in the past nor will ever be in future. Therefore, he is a living legend in our modern history”. The Romanian critic & writer Valeria Vaida said: “The poetry of Munir Mezyed has mystical and magical impact on the reader. Not only the linguistic level, or aesthetic, or cultural, or intellectual, or philosophical or spiritual is so impressive in his poetry, but what results from the subtle divine alchemy. Its synthesis creates an aesthetic paradox: the emotion of the mind as his poems unite the mind with the heart in the deepest meditation or prayer.His POETRY BOOKS: -Chapter from Poetry Bible: (English & Arabic) – translated to Romanian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Indonesian.-Images in the Memory: (English & Arabic) – translated to Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish.-The Book of Love & Poetry: (English & Arabic)- Passion of Poet: (Arabic)-- Odes from another Universe: (English & Arabic) – translated to Spanish and Italian.- Pieces of Ambers & Ambergris: (English & Arabic)- Aesthetic Contemplation: (English) -Poet & Cities: (English & Arabic) – translated to Italian - Existentialism: (English & Arabic) -My Beloved & the Dream: (English & Arabic)- Canaanite Tablets: (4 Poetry Books in Arabic published in Egypt)- Murals of Poetry: (English& Arabic) – translated to Romanian and Spanish- Tales of Two Cities: (English & Arabic) – translated to Romanian and Italian -- Canaanite Epics: (English & Arabic) translated to Italian- Woman is the wine of Life: English and French printed in France -The Mellow Charm: (English & Arabic) – translated to Italian & Spanish -Seasons of the Virgin Poetry: (English & Arabic)- Love Wandering Around Naked: (English & Arabic) translated to Italian -Lost Between the Chrysalises: (English & Arabic) – translated to Slovakian - Grape Punches from the Vineyard of Heaven: (6 Poetry books in Italian printed in Italy)-Poems in the Language of Light: a spiritual dialogue through poetry between Munir Mezyed & Italian poet Michele Caccamo (English – Arabic – Italian) -The Garden of Azure Poetry: (13 poetry books
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